film stip

Music has the energy
to move people
in a way that is unique
and everlasting. 
Music is a major enrichment for any other mode
of communication. 
Let us help you
build a soundtrack
to compliment real life.

Music targeted for Film, TV, Advertising, Movie Trailers, TV Promo’s, Gaming and all other forms of Media.

We sign acts from various parts of the globe and we work in film and TV placement.  Our oldies catalogue is rich in history with many Top 10 recordings.  Many songs have been re-recorded by the very same original artists with superb studio quality making is rather difficult to tell the re-record from the original.   Our specialty is Pop, Rock, R&B and Latin.  We also have incredible resources for pretty much anything out of the norm, such as African Pop, Bagpipe Rock, Celtic, Greek, & authentic Bluegrass, & Rock en Español.  We find talent and master recordings where few venture to look.